It’s amazing to think the Beatles first arrived in the USA 50 years ago! With that in mind we are very excited to present you with this Original Playlist by Dhani Harrison from the thenewno2 and of course son of the coolest Beatle ‘George’.

We asked Dhani to pick the tracks he loves and that have influenced his own music.

LISTEN to his EXCLUSIVE playlist for Original Penguin and read his notes on why he picked each track below.



1. Air – Radian

I re-listened to this recently, it’s brilliant album. I especially love this track.

2. Tricky – Past Mistakes

One of my go to tracks.

3. PJ Harvey – Down By The Water

Bass line obviously. PJ’s voice is epic.

4. John Barry – 007 and Counting 

Highly sampled piece of music from the John Barry Orchestra. Very influential on my scoring.

5. Rufige Crew - VIP Rider’s Ghost

Again massive bass. Great driving track

6. Howlin Wolf – Smoke Stack Lightnin’

His voice is incredible. I am huge Howlin Wolf fan

7. Nedry – Squid Cat Battle

One of the best titles and most abstract songs I have heard

8. Vatican DC – Smiling Dogs

Good old bit of Brit punk. Great guitar sound


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