Launching our Slim Fit Polo Shirt, we teamed up with six men and their dogs, asking them why the polo, a garment that stands the test of time as a wardrobe staple, is man’s other best friend!

Next up from our exclusive Q&A sessions with the gents from the project is Shortlist Magazine’s Style Director, Adrian Clark! Chatting everything from their pooch and what it takes to #BeAnOriginal!

Adrian Clark

Your dogs name?


How long have you had your dog?

13 months (she’s 18 months old)

How did you and your dog come to find each other?

She belonged to the neighbour of a friend and the family that had her had 3 small kids who all turned out to be allergic to her fur. The mum of the household was going to take her to Battersea Dogs Home that afternoon but my friend knew I was looking, going to Battersea that weekend in fact, and my fiend sent me some pictures asked me to step in and save the day and the rest is history, within two hours she was getting her first lesson in the differences between a Missoni throw and a car blanket.

Has your dog ever saved the day?

She’s still in training, but I will of course expect nothing less than mountain rescue levels of devotion when requested.

How does your dog make you feel?

Responsible… I can be a bit selfish but she grounds me and helps me to de-stress.

What is the best, funniest, embarrassing or naughtiest story about your dog?

The dog is spoilt. Not ‘she can run riot and chew up everything in sight kind of spoilt’.. more a is indulged the finest of everything from Kiehl’s dog shampoo flown in from New York (its obviously not available here), to collars from Jimmy Choo to eating home cooked sea bass and kale. Without question this has to be the most embarrassing confession, as regards the funniest, she can walk on her back legs and can also do a great impression of Mariah.

What does it mean to Be An Original?

To have confidence in everything you do and to have conviction in your first thought and most importantly… to act on it.

If you could have a drink with anyone who would it be?

Jackie Collins.

What are you working on right now?

This questionnaire. Closely followed by our fashion special issue which has been a tough one to coordinate as it is all based around the Far East.

Keep a look out for more with the gents from our Polo and the Dog project and relive the full video of the shoot below:

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