Since their formation in 2013 Beach have developed a unique blend of psych-electro slacker rock whilst expanding their live show by incorporating visuals to create a more immersive expression of their music. Bossing stages country wide, this 5 piece simply have to be on your ‘must see’ list for the rest of ’17! 

We were lucky enough to catch up with the band prior to their new ‘Bram Toker’ single release for an exclusive Q&A!


1. We’re all about supporting originality, tell us what it means to you to #BeAnOriginal? 

We have a pretty unique sound as it’s a combination of genres and influences. Our live show is the strongest thing about us as we’ve developed our own A/V show the past 2 years, bringing the audience on a captivating journey, so we feel this is a really important aspect of what Beach is about. Ross Ryder our visuals master has joined the band full time so this is a pretty unique scenario most bands don’t get to be in.

2. Talk us through your sound? 

Broadly speaking we fall into the movement of Neo Psychedelia whilst incorporating elements of Electronica and Slacker Rock. There is an atmospheric brooding vibe to our music but at times can also be ethereal in nature.

3. Who are Beach? 

Dave Barrett – (Vocals, Guitar)
Adrian Garvey – (Drums, Drum Pad)
Alex Conway – (Lead Guitar)
Simon Flynn – (Synth)
Jack Hitchcock – (Bass, Bass Synth)
Ross Ryder – (Visuals)

4. What does everyone in the band bring to the table?

Everyone brings their own creative flow to the band which is why it’s quite difficult to pigeon hole us into a specific genre. Usually the base idea of a song is brought forward from Dave, but lately the songwriting process has come from us all jamming together in the room, so creative output is always moving at a fast pace. Adrian the beat maker has been putting his own stamp on the songs through the producing/mixing process. Alex the other worldly astronaut creates a unique blend of noises and sounds that send shivers down your spine whilst equally sounding nothing like a guitar. Simon is the atmosphere creator, he uses the synth as a way to create soundscapes and gives the songs those much need lush textures. Jack brings beautiful meandering bass lines whilst incorporating strange dance routines on stage, it’s a must watch. Ross brings forward our visual show which is an integral part of what Beach is about. He also does all our artwork for releases + our music videos, very cool guy.

5. You guys play Castlepalooza this year on the Original Penguin Stage. Are you excited about people’s reaction to the show?

We’re buzzing for Castlepalooza, it’ll be our first time playing and we got word the Original Penguin stage is inside the castle, so we think the vibes will be perfect for what we have in store.

6. What other festivals are you playing at this summer?

We’ll be playing Sunflowerfest just outside Belfast the end of July, followed by Castlepalooza, and then Another Love Story shortly after that.

7. What other releases have you in the pipeline?

We are currently working on writing an EP with a handful of tricks up our sleeve for it’s release. We’re being patient though.

8. Finally, do you think your fashion reflects your originality or is style something you think about?

We all enjoy wearing things that make us feel good, clothes can be an extension of yourself and something to have fun with. It’s just another way to express yourself really. So as long as you’re feeling comfortable and groovy you are in the right garments.

Watch the video for ‘Bram Toker‘ below: