Mike Bird and Dave Pen, aka BirdPen, treat us to their epic new single ‘The Chairman‘. Looking to dominate their unique krautrock genre, this duo are well on their way armed with this beauty. With a deep driving motorik sound, drenched in analogue synth, the sound here isn’t too far from the dizzy heights of Can and Neu! With an almost anti ‘try hard’ vibe flowing through it, you become fully immersed into this one, with its equally political and forward thinking video only complimenting BirdPen and their pulsating art form further.

‘The Chairman’ is a testament to all electronic and experimental music. Bird & Pen recorded and produced ‘The Chairman’ at The Barn in Hampshire, England. The same studio the duo recorded their forthcoming album ‘O’Mighty Vision’ which is due for release via J.A.R Records on August 26th.

Targeted to break through all the lies of the industry, ‘The Chairman’ isn’t afraid of tackling the corrupted world we live in, head on, and coming out on top. A true krautrock anthem, set to propel this duo sky high!

More than worthy, ‘The Chairman’ is Plugged In Track Of The Week!

Watch the video below:

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