Our iconic Earl Polo Shirt, which has been a hero piece for us since 1955, returned bigger and better than ever during Autumn/Winter 16! To celebrate this hero piece and give it the respect it deserves, we put together a photo shoot of bands & artists rocking the legendary Black Earl Polo Shirt in London.

Asylums are true DIY musical superiority, putting in the hard graft and welcoming the rewards with open arms. What a year 2016 has been for this mega quartet, sell out performances galore, a host of major TV/Radio plays and appearances, as well as festival domination throughout the summer, Asylums are on top of their game at the moment!



Rocking venues to the core, Asylums belt out anthems about the death of high street retail, austerity and rampant consumerism; next to tales of sex, outsider culture, and gender equality. Their epic debut album ‘Killer Brain Waves’ put these lads straight onto everyones radar, capturing a country in a state of change and getting their message well and truly across.



We caught up with Luke for an exclusive Q&A, check it out below!

1. What does it mean to you to ‘Be An Original’?

Staying true to yourself.

2. Tell us about your latest release? 

Our most recent release was a four track EP called ‘Alternative Occupations’  – it featured one new non-album track by Asylums of the same name and three tracks by three new bands from our hometown, Southend (Petty Phase, The Horse Heads, BAIT). It was released on glorious 12-inch vinyl via our own Cool Thing Records label in December. You can buy it HERE!

3. Who’s your top ICON and why?

There are lots of people I admire but no one person I can completely identify with. A few artists I really respect are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tom Waits, Ian Mckay and Dr Zeus.

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