Leading up to the release of his new album ‘Sweet Decay’ on the 13th April via AllPoints, Ciaran Lavery has unveiled his epic new single ’13’!

The track is the second single from the album and ‘13’ takes things up a gear. An upbeat track encompassing a wider array of instruments and rhythm, but also featuring his distinctive vocals with themes of love and relationships which both songs possess.

Speaking about the new single, Ciaran said: “’13’ deals with my own fear borne from an inability to handle long-lasting love without contributing to its destruction. I cannot say it any plainer than that really. This song makes me feel uncomfortable. But I want to be as honest a songwriter as I can be; I don’t have any other choice but to face these things head on. ”

More than worthy, this C.L newbie is wearing our Track Of The Week crown!

Listen in below:

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