To celebrate the launch of our Slim Fit Polo Shirt, we teamed up with six men and their dogs, asking them why the polo, a garment that stands the test of time as a wardrobe staple, is man’s other best friend!

Next up in our Q&A session series is writer & editor Colin Chapman! Chatting everything from their pooch and what it takes to #BeAnOriginal!

Colin Chapman

Check out the exclusive Q&A below!

Your dog’s name?

Scout – she’s named after the character in To Kill A Mockingbird, an inquisitive tomboy who gets into trouble.

How long have you had your dog?

From being a 9-week-old puppy – she’s 5 years old now.

How did you and your dog come to find each other?

We looked after our mate Matt’s (Mr Natty, the barber), Border terrier Kip and fell in love with the breed and decided to get our own. Unfortunately it was almost Christmas, the country was covered in snow and there were no Border pups in London or anywhere near. We ended up driving to a tiny village in Wales to collect her, in deep snow, and had to be rescued by the breeder in his tractor. Our families thought we were insane to have risked being stranded in the snow for Christmas. But she was worth it.

Has your dog ever saved the day?

She’s a bit too mischievous to be a rescue dog, but she’s always been a great icebreaker socially. Scout’s been to too many designers’ studios to mention, fashion events and loves a party. When my mum died three years ago, she was great comfort to my family in bridging the near past and the present. Dogs are very special.

How does your dog make you feel?

OMG. Scout is the best thing ever. The highlight of the day is picking her up in the evening if I’ve been out all day and our dog sitter’s been looking after her. It’s a cliché, but a dog’s love is unconditional and Scout has made me smile through the bleakest of situations through her cheeky personality and waggy tail.

What is the best, funniest, embarrassing or naughtiest story about your dog?

There was the time that New York uber-bloggers Michael Williams and Mister Mort visited London and Scout accosted them on Redchurch Street and ended up appearing on A Continuous Lean (after licking the camera lens). There was also the time we stumbled upon a Mr Porter photo shoot with actor Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in Hackney and Scout was mistaken for another local Border (also called Scout), and created such an impression she ended up being in the shoot instead.

What does it mean to Be An Original?

Being original is increasingly difficult; we’re all the result of our influences, it’s the combination of those influences that makes us different. Writer and personality Quentin Crisp had a saying that I live by: ‘first you have to find out who you are, then be it like mad’.

If you could have a drink with anyone who would it be?

James Dean – to find out how many of the myths and rumours about him are true, and to hear stories at first hand about Hollywood in the fifties and a certain point in cultural history when people really were doing things for the first time.

What are you working on right now?

Oh loads of things: the next issue of STREETS magazine, where I manage all the features, written content and do some styling. My blog, will be gearing up for the menswear shows. Loads of freelance commissions: interviewing interesting people and travelling to new places, from Game of Thrones stars to DJs and artists. I’m also working with a tech giant on an exciting new product. Life is busy!

Keep a look out for more Q&A’s with the gents from our Polo and the Dog project and relive the full video of the shoot below:

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