Electro-dance sensation, Daithi, has just treated us to the epic ‘Falling For You’ (feat. Sinead White) single and with a brand new EP set for release in the New Year, it’s fair to say Daithi is going from strength to strength!

Recently we kitted Daithi out in our legendary AW16 Collection ahead of a string of gig dates and caught up with him to ask some questions about music, fashion and more.

Daithi tours Ireland this December with dates in Dublin, Louth, Cork and Galway.

Watch the ‘Falling For You’ video below:

Check out our exclusive Q&A!

 How would you best explain your sound?

I play electronic dance music inspired by the culture and history of Ireland. I use samples taken from old recordings, as well as natural sounds recorded on the west coast, and mix them with synths and drum machines to create a unique sound.

What should we expect at a Daithi show?

My live show is improvised based; I record live fiddle into loops, and mix it with dance music samples and synthesizers. It’s a big energetic show, designed to get people moving.

New single is, tell us how this single came about?

The new single was recorded and produced on islands off the coast of Ireland, places like Achill and Valentia. Sinead White, one of my favourite vocalists, features on the track. We wanted to lean in hard on the Irish style of singing, and see if we could adapt it to work with electronic music. The result is really interesting, there’s a lot of emotion in the track, which is often one of the hardest things to get in electronic music.

Who would be your musical inspiration?

I think it’s really important to take influence from as many different places as possible when working as a producer, and because of that I have a tonne of different inspirations. Currently I’m listening to a lot of Caribou, Four tet and Irish producers like New Jackson. Im also on a huge R.E.M obsession at the moment and I have no idea why!

What’s the one thing you have to bring on tour?

Podcasts! I load up on them before hitting the road. I do a lot of driving, so podcasts are pretty vital to stay awake. This American Life, Reply All and Radiolab are particular favourites at the moment.

EP is coming early in the new year, will you be touring around Ireland and beyond?

For sure, I really love playing, it’s the reason I produce music in the first place. I try to play as much as I can, it’s a lot of fun. The Roisin Dubh and Connoly’s Of Leap are my two favourite venues in Ireland.

Will there be any surprises for Daithi fans with this new EP?

I think people will be surprised at how natural sounding this EP is, and it’s a bit more explorative than my last releases.

How would you describe your individual style?

I like good simple understated clothes, nothing too loud. When I play live I wear predominantly black stuff, so people focus fully on the performance.

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