Montreal native, Doldrums, treats us to another slice of his expert Noise-Pop with brand new single ‘Machine Boi’ The main man is set to release a brand new album as well, set to bless our ears on June 20th,  ‘Esc’ is a piece of wizardry you simply have to get your hands on.

Speaking about the track, Airick Asher Woodhead, aka, Doldrums says “‘Machine Boi’ is a song to comfort someone who wants to give up, has been made to feel less than human. His tears rust him dry and he is forced to adapt. I read this book The Empty Fortress about a young boy who was convinced he had to run power from outlets to his body to perform basic functions. He thought he was a part of the power system and not a person, referred to food as ‘batteries’ and would smash lightbulbs whenever he was upset.”

Mixed by Matthew Otto (Majical Cloudz), Esc is Doldrums’ third full length LP. Esc is available for pre-order on CD and limited edition vinyl here:

Listen to the MEGA ‘Machine Boi’ below!

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