London’s Escapists have been taking some time out to hone, train and perfect their craft. Now they come bounding out the blocks to a photo finish with new single ‘Weirdo’. Biting heavy guitar lines and insatiable grooves and rhythms are overlaid with pinpoint accuracy, leaving the door wide open for their pop melodies to shine.

‘Weirdo’ is the first brick in a new wall for Escapists and will culminate in them releasing their second album in 2018. They have layed the foundations for this with a truly epic first come-back show in a year at Off The Cuff earlier this month.

Enigmatic singer and leader of the band Simon Glancy explains the motivation behind ‘Weirdo’:

“It’s about being on the outside looking in, feeling totally out of place and afraid that everyone else is just moving down these pre ordained paths towards a ‘happy life’, when you have no idea what that is.’’

It’s a true earworm this one, after the first listen you’re captured with its infectious melodies. Let yourself become part of the Escapists way and get involved with the top drawer belter that is ‘Weirdo’ below!

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