Have you ever wondered what would happen if you fused Fat White Family and T-Rex together? No? Well, Bradford’s FLING have taken it upon themselves to give you the answer. Forging together Glam Rock, Punk, and Psych with a solid sense of Northern irony and an ever-present aura of late night haziness FLING have created a sound which captivates, entertains and stands out from the crowd. It’s a massive dose of much-needed fresh air that’s incoming at gale-force levels…

The band released brand new single ‘Just a Dog’ through legendary Leeds-based indie label Dance To The Radio on 7th July. This infectious and undeniably joyful tune takes us on a psychedelic wander around the warped minds of its creators while keeping their pop sensibility firmly intact.

FLING’s overwhelmingly laid-back sense of assurance in their own songwriting is clear for all to see – from the nonchalant percussion and inventive lyrical content to the group whistles and lackadaisical guitar line. Echos of The Flaming Lips and even the more drug-fuelled years of the Fab Four.

Fling have you captured from the outset, a true wirlwind of anthem level tunage with the visuals to match! You’ve simply got to experience this lot live over the summer……

Watch the video for ‘JUST A DOG’ below:

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