Father’s Day is the chance to repay the old man for years of hard graft! Gifts a-plenty and possibly a roast dinner on the table, it’s always imperative to do things right. Time to get a few tips from someone who knows the score. Soccer AM’s finest, Franky Fryer, is back to help!

Check out the main man’s Top 5 Father’s Day tips below!


5. First Tip, write down the date of Fathers Day, engrave it onto the back of one of your sov’s if you have too, so the date is stored inside your nut. You don’t wanna have a proper old skool reggie blinker, forget when it is and be in the dog house with your old man for another year.

4. Offer to cook the old man a fry up  – after all – aint it about time this worked the other way round? Naughty Hash Brown and Eggs (over easy – sweet as a nut).

3. Present – whatever it is, dont mug yourself off – get yourself down Billericay market and barter the price down. Why pay an Ayrton Senna (tenner) when you can pay a Lady Godiva (fiver).

2. Give him a fathers day oosh. Proper Pointless.

1. Enjoy the day with a good old meal followed by a knees up. Pie Mash n Liquor, a Nutty Cocktail (Caribbean Stallion for me), Chas n Dave on repeat, Lovely Jubbly, Job Done, Mustard.

End of advice. Sorted. Full Stop. OOSH!

Spot on Franky!

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