Ahead of the release of their new album ‘Stains on Silence’, set for release on June 15th via Tough Love Records, Belfast’s Girls Names share a third taster from the record, “The Impaled Mystique”!

The track moves with an icy swagger and finds the trio venturing to a more experimental territory, with frontman Cathal Cully’s reverb-drenched vocals giving way to dissonant piano stabs and sharp guitar tones.

Speaking about the track, Cully comments: “We’re proud of this song as it’s both quite strange but also recognisably the closest thing to a traditional pop song as we’ve written in years in it’s structure, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, breakdown, outro etc. But it’s very odd and very alien sounding.”

Stains on Silence’ came critically close to never being made, having lived with it, reconfigured it, and guided its metamorphosis from flickers of inspiration and half-formed schemes, it’s both a statement of pure perseverance, and a head-on confrontation with ambivalence that couldn’t be more assured.

Wearing the Track Of The Week title, listen to ‘The Impaled Mystique‘ below!

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