Cheltenham Town FC’s Midfield maestro, Harry Pell, is up next in our #PluggedIn Athlete series! Tasting promotion with The Robins last season from the Conference back into the Football League, Pell has been going from strength to strength! Stand out performances in front of the faithful at Whaddon Road has cemented his place as a fan favourite this season, despite the tricky start to the campaign in League 2.


Check out our exclusive #PluggedIn Athlete interview with Harry below!

What are the main aims for Cheltenham Town FC this season? 

We entered this years campaign of the back of winning the league last year, we only lost 5 games out of 46, therefore we were entering the unknown really, we knew we had a great dressing room, and we needed to set our aims high, so far this season we’ve found it difficult we’re currently 20th out of 24, which isn’t good enough. I still believe we can push for a promotion again, it’s still early doors.

Who’s in charge of the boom box in the dressing room before a game and what do you usually listen to?

Amauri Morgan Smith is the DJ, the music really does change on the mood in the camp, how the season is going, normally it’s your usual funky house, r&b type , but I’m not going to lie, there has been some golden oldies !

Who was your footballing idol growing up?

Growing up, and learning my trade it was Rio Ferdinand, I was obsessed with how comfortable he seemed on the ball, and he wasn’t your typical centre half, he was a brilliant ball player, then it changed and Steven Gerrard for sure became my idol, the way he turned up for big games.

If football hadn’t taken off the way it has for you, what line of work do you think you’d be in now?

This really is a difficult question, I’m not the cleverest, therefore maybe something like a groundsman , something like that.

What’s your personal clothing style like away from football?

I have to admit , I love a tracksuit. I really dislike baggy clothes, so the tighter/ more fitted the better. On a night out/meal with friends, I do like to give it a right go, smarter the better really. Shoes are a massive thing for me

Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho and why? 

I’m a big Chelsea fan, I love Mourinho and I still do now , even though he is at man Utd. His record speaks for itself, now pep is in the premier league and we’re seeing more of him, from the outside I very much like the way he comes across, it’s very very tight, but my loyalties lie with Mourinho.

Best signing made during the summer transfer window?

As I said before we won the league last season, so we haven’t seen too many new faces in. But if I had to say one I would go with Russ Griffins , a goalkeeper on loan from Everton.

What advice would you give to young players looking to make it in the professional game?

“Don’t take the highs too high, nor the lows too low” I got told this as a youngster, I couldn’t really see relevance as a child , but now I wish I would have listened and took that bit of advice in a lot sooner, football is a sport where nothing is ever straight forward, you will receive knock backs , feel on cloud 9, almost day in day out, football changes so quick! It’s very important to familiarise yourself around positive people.

Talk us through that moment when signing for Cheltenham, spilling coffee on the gaffer’s brand new carpet!

Haha, this still embarrasses me now, I got invited to go around the gaffers house to have a chat about possibly signing for Cheltenham, I’d done my homework, I’d researched the gaffer, he had a great history of winning promotions and had a massive reputation in the game, I wasn’t nervous because that isn’t really in my make up. I pulled up to this massive house, I went in met Mrs Johnson, she laid on a lovely spread and offered me a coffee. I’m sat in the gaffers living room, cream carpet, not a thing out of place it was immaculate. I had my coffee on a coaster, tucking into a few sandwiches. I lifted my coffee whilst watching a video on what the boss expected from his players, little did I no the coaster had stuck to the bottom of the cup, it fell off mid air, made a noise, which scared me , and my coffee spelled over this beautiful cream carpet. I was 50/50 weather that would have destroyed my contract negotiations . Me and the gaffer was on our knees trying to cover it up from Mrs Johnson!