We caught up with international DJ, Intec Record Label Manager and producing marvel, Jon Rundell, for an exclusive #PluggedIn Interview!

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Jon, in partnership with legendary DJ,  ‘The King Of Ibiza’ Carl Cox, have just celebrated their 100th release on their Intec label. Going from strength to strength, Intec maintains only one rule for potential releases; They have to be records that Cox and Rundell feel are worthy of a place in their DJ sets. Often billed as a techno label, Intec boasts a much broader range of styles. From soul, right through to funk tech vibes!


Check out our interview with Jon below!

1. International DJ, producer, record label manager…do things get any better Jon?

Not in terms of waking up every day and doing something you enjoy, and having the freedom and flexibility to do it any time.

2. You run Carl Cox’s Intec label and recently celebrated the 100th release – tell us how that felt in the length of a tweet? 

To release our 100th release felt a good achievement to the commitment we put behind breaking new talent.

3. Take us back to the first time you met Carl Cox? 

I was in a club in Brighton called The Zap, where he was a resident, and I was under age for clubs at the time. I got to shake his hand one night and say hello after one of his friends introduced us. It was many years later until we began to work so closely.

4. If you could bring back one club night from the last 15 years which would it be and why? 

There are loads I would bring back, mainly for nostalgia and my first memories of going out and discovering the scene. Ultimate Base in London is one for sure, it was weekly and small, but the music policy was amazing. Another would be Saturday nights at The End, also in London. I saw many great DJs play up close so I could learn more about how they did what they doing, DJs like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Andy C, Carl, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink and loads more.

5. We were treated to a new 1 hour Jon Rundell Easter mix recently via your Soundcloud, what new material can we expect from you this summer? 

My next EP on Intec is out in September, and before that I have a remix I did of Josh Wink’s ‘Talkin To You’ and a remix of Layo & Bushwacka’s ‘Love Story’ in July and August being released. To have been asked to remix some of your personal hero’s and timeless tracks is always nice!

6. How would you describe your personal clothing style when behind the wheels of steel? 

A lot of people in our scene just wear plain black, head to toe. I’ve never liked to just blend in like that and copy or follow. I wear blue a fair bit, and with my mod influences I wear polo shirts quite often. Whatever I wear has to be comfortable though as your moving around a fair bit while playing and it can get pretty hot in some of the clubs some times.

7. We hear you are a bit of a mod at heart. What do you think about this new Quadrophenia film that’s due to come out?

We will have to wait and see, the original is so iconic it’ll be hard to improve on it in my opinion. It captured the vibe of the scene perfectly, I’m just not so sure that todays youth will get it with them being into different ideas of collectiveness.

8. If you owned a racehorse, what would it be called and why? 

Theregoestheretirementfund. Kind of self explanatory… !

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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jon-rundell