Berlin based creative geniuses Kiko King & Creativemaze share brand new single ‘Resolution For Solitude‘. This sees the Berlin-based duo combine hard-hitting lyrics with a beat that’s just as powerful. With a stark contrast between open messages and pulsing infectious rhythms, they use their combined forces to create sounds that manage to blur lines while being crystal clear about their intentions.

This time around KK&C worked with unmistakable trip-hop pioneer Tricky who has lent the pair a hand in creating their latest masterpiece with his extensive experience. With an electro-minimal wave style they create a sense of hypnosis as Kiko King’s heartfelt lyrics layer above uncompromising beats from Creativemaze to push the pair’s message while providing a welcome treat for the ears.

Kiko King & creativemaze are lining up to stamp their mark on the musical world in a bigger way than ever before…

More than worthy, this unique beauty earns the Plugged In Track Of The Week title!

Watch the video below:

Listen to their brand new ‘Gnothi Seauton’ album, in full, below!

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