All good things come in threes, so they say. They do in this case that’s for damn sure, combining one fuzzy bass guitar, one amplified organ and one set of drums, Brighton’s Lazybones manage to make an almighty racket with that quite low key triptych.

Their new one, ‘Snake’,  is unapologetic, to-the-point rock and bloody roll, wearing its heart on its sleeve and taking its aim at the liars. The band are DIY to the core and releasing the single on a limited run of tapes which will have artwork exclusively to that format.

The band muse on the recording of the writing of ‘Snake’ and its accompanying intoxicating video;

’We wanted the song to convey a childish aggression; the excitement you get from that first riff you make up when you barely know your way around a guitar, get your mates together in a garage and make a racket. We wanted that in the way that it’s written, played and recorded. For the video we recorded this in the same rehearsal space as we recorded the track, keeping the nostalgic and DIY vibe by filming this on a VHS camera and using 90s-style hand drawn animations on old tellies.’’

The band are about to launch themselves fully into the big bad world and are more than prepared to do so, with shows lined up on 22nd December 2017 at Sticky Mikes Frog Bar in Brighton and another with DEAD! at Brighton’s Prince Albert on the 6th February 2018.

Watch the video for the simply MEGA ‘Snake’ below. It’s the Premiere no less!

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