Taking their name from a 60’s spaghetti western, Lola Colt are a powerful and imposing six-piece who have just released their critically acclaimed second single ‘Jackson’ on Black Tigress Records.

Listen their latest  single HERE and discover why the music press are getting all hot under the collar about the band….

“Band of the year…2014 is theirs to own” Shindig!
“This London six-piece have grown a great live reputation” NME
“All motorcycle thrills and fuzzed up guitar lines” Clash
“Walking the line between bruising psych and intoxicating fuzz-pop with ease” The 405

With the band looking set for a huge year in 2014 we asked them to share their favourite tracks for this exclusive ORIGINAL PLAYLIST.  So take a listen below and read the bands thoughts on each track whilst you are at it.


1. The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs

A song that sounds like nothing else, from an album that changed everything. For us it marks a transition period in music, from teenager to adult, and it also blurs the line between music and art in a way that opened up a new world that musicians have been exploring ever since.

2. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

The song that defined an era. From the moment the bass line creeps in, to the explosive end the song is one long crescendo that takes you higher and higher. This song struck a chord with the generation that first discovered the rabbit hole – the key to wonderland.

3. Link Wray – Rumble

Released in 1958 and immediately banned by most radio stations for being too raunchy and aggressive. Not bad for a song with no lyrics! The song is also considered the first recording of a distorted guitar. After playing a gig with a Fender amp that had a damaged speaker cone, Wray liked the sound so much he set about piercing holes in his with a pencil. Luckily there are new ways to achieve this sound today.

4. Jesus & Mary Chain – Just Like Honey

The instantly identifiable marriage of the Spector/Ronettes era drum beat and trashy 80’s guitars, along with Reid’s breathy, upfront vocals give this song a timeless quality.

5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – You Look Good When I’m Fucked Up

Cinematic and haunting, the repeated melody/theme leans on the Morricone/Montenegro film scores of the classic Spaghetti Westerns of the 60’s.

6. The Raveonettes – Cops On Our Tail

This track is pure adrenaline from start to finish. From their debut album Whip It On, every song written in B-flat minor, the whole thing has such an unmistakable stamp on it – the close vocal harmonies are so effortlessly cool.

7. Suicide – Ghost Rider

Eerie, repetitive, visionary. Somehow Suicide never seem to date, and continue to inspire musicians to push boundaries to this day.

8. The Black Angels – Science Killer

The power in this song is the hypnotic, repetitive, driving drum beat. It draws you in like some tribal ritual that you don’t fully understand but feel strangely connected to.

9. The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck

The animal urges of teenage years, roaming the streets at night looking for trouble and sex. The raw excitement of tasting the forbidden fruit of adulthood for the first time. All this captured perfectly in one primal masterpiece.

10.Rowland S. Howard – Breakdown

Generally known for his association with Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard’s solo work expands on his sullen, spacious and hauntingly beautiful song writing. Deeply reflective and instantly identifiable.

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