Loud, short and razor-sharp, Fidget In Paralysis is the first single to be lifted from the new Milo’s Planes album Individual Development Plan. Clocking in at just 81 seconds, this new single is a heavyweight assault of detuned guitars and fast-paced drums that’ll get the punks two-stepping, skaters shredding, hipsters headbanging and the rest of us wanting more. The post-hardcore leanings echo At The Drive-In, Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu but the melodic detail and palm-muted riffs throw them into the ring with modern stalwarts like Cloud Nothings, The Wytches and Pulled Apart By Horses.

The band explain more about the single: “Fidget in Paralysis is about the correlation between working hard and achieving success and how this does not always correlate, effectively stuck in a rut. It’s incredibly fun to play. It’s less than a minute and a half and is a barrage of noise from start to finish – it’s kind of like a really condensed, spikey post-punk song played by a metal band”.

Angry music by four friendly boys from Bristol, Fidget In Paralysisis a confident cut from an assured and intense third album by Milo’s Planes.Yes, surprisingly this is already this young band’s third album but this time they really are ready for takeoff. Milo’s Planes are refreshing, hopeful (yet angry) and quite frankly ‘vital’ for Great Britain right now. Take your seats for takeoff.

Listen to the EPIC single below:

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