Our iconic Earl Polo Shirt, which has been a hero piece for us since 1955, returned bigger and better than ever during Autumn/Winter 16! To celebrate this hero piece and give it the respect it deserves, we put together a photo shoot of bands & artists rocking the legendary Black Earl Polo Shirt in London.

Up next we invited Josh Carter from Chapter and Verse to iconic North London venue, The Finsbury, for an exclusive photo shoot and Q&A!


After launching their first single in April 2016, London Alt-Rock Quartet Chapter and Verse sold out their first show in less than two weeks. Since then their debut EP ‘The Wolves Back Home’ has been met with critical acclaim and their fiery live show has gained slots at Camden Rocks, multiple UK tours and now a main tour support for Empire this coming March. 



Underneath their anthem level riffage, Chapter and Verse’s unique blend of alt-rock wizardry is encapsulating and thought provoking. You become fully immersed in their tunes,  truly at one with the music. This mega quartet are set to boss stages this year and its absolutely essential that you experience their live set superiority!


We caught up with Josh for an exclusive Q&A, check it!

1. What does it mean to you to ‘Be An Original’?

Honesty. Lyrically, a song has to feel relevant to my real life; it has to be important or I have no urge to do it. I can then count on it being an original cause it’s my story and no one else’s. It’s a cathartic exercise as much as a career choice for us, so we just say what we want when we feel like it.

2. Tell us about your latest release? 

It’s our follow up to our debut EP ’The Wolves Back Home’. This one feels like we’ve cranked up the stakes and really tried to push some of our limits. The result has been an eclectic mix of styles, but with our emotive stamp running throughout.

3. Who’s your top ICON and why?

Tricky. I think I’m going to give that awful cliché answer and say my Dad. He’s spent his life being seemly unafraid of other’s opinions on the way he chooses to live his life. He’s made some massive changes and taken some big risks, but never seemed to have any fear of people judging him for it, whilst remaining a nice person.

I stress about other people’s opinions in a lot of aspects of my life. I think that’s why music has such a profound effect on me; it’s one of the only parts of my life where I don’t feel any need to please anyone or meet expectations; I can do what I want.

Get your ears around their latest single, ‘The New Breed’.

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