Our iconic Earl Polo Shirt, which has been a hero piece for us since 1955, returned bigger and better than ever during Autumn/Winter 16! To celebrate this hero piece and give it the respect it deserves, we put together a photo shoot of bands & artists rocking the legendary Black Earl Polo Shirt in London.

Up next we invited J.Appiah, to iconic North London venue, The Finsbury, for an exclusive photo shoot and Q&A!

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As a songwriter, J.Appiah shares a commonality with those who listen to his music, because more than anything, he understands what it is to be human. This keeps his music honest and authentic and with every song he shares a piece of himself.

If only for a few minutes,  J Appiah takes listeners to a different place, a unique space, where the feeling are real. In this space some people tap their toes, in this space some people cry and for some, in that moment, find solace. Every song is an open letter to the listener, at times acoustic, at times anthemic but always the time it’s truthful.

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Influences range from Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder, from D’Angelo to James Blake, all blending  together in this melting pot to create his truly encapsulating sound.

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Listen to J’s epic ‘RUN’ single below:

We caught up with J for an exclusive Q&A! Check it out below:

1. What does it mean to you to ‘Be An Original’? 

To be original means for me, to be yourself regardless of ‘trend’ or changing fashion. To be what you want, to sound how you and to do what you want.

2. Tell us about your latest release? 

I’ve just released a stream of my latest song. It’s called ‘Run’ written with Hugh Fothergill and it’s really a song where I’m attempting to put myself in the shoes of someone who loves someone else who is hard to love. if that makes sense…

3. Who’s your top ICON and why?

This is an impossible question for anyone to answer but a few come to mind, Bob Marley for his cultural impact, style and some of the biggest songs the world will ever hear.  Bob Dylan because of his truly unique singing style. Grace jones, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye; the list goes on…..

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Connect to J.APPIAH online:

Website: www.jappiahmusic.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/pg/Jappiahofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/JAppiahMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/jappiahmusic

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