Our iconic Earl Polo Shirt, which has been a hero piece for us since 1955, returned bigger and better than ever during Autumn/Winter 16! To celebrate this hero piece and give it the respect it deserves, we put together a photo shoot of bands & artists rocking the legendary Black Earl Polo Shirt.

Milestones: Matt Clarke (Vocals), Drew Procter (Guitar), Mark Threlfall (Bass), Eden Leviston (Guitar) –  are up next in our Original Icons series!


While introducing the world to a refreshing blend of alternative and pop punk sensibilities, the Manchester four-piece boast true authenticity and hard work. These go hand in hand with achieving dreams and creating momentous milestones.

Infectious melodies and emotion filled vocals that capture you, this Manchester quintet are set to absolutely boss stages countrywide this year. It’s time to get Milestones firmly on your map and you’ve simply got to see this lot in action!


We caught up with MILESTONES for an exclusive Q&A, check it out below!

1. What does it mean to you to ‘Be An Original’? 

To do what makes you comfortable rather than conforming to what you think is socially acceptable. No one ever gets anywhere by repeating what’s already been done.

2. Tell us about your latest release? 

Equal Measures was released via Fearless Records last year and is a perfect representation of our message/ethos and also how our writing style has been influenced by a vast range of musical styles we have been exposed to in our teenage years. The EP has five tracks on it, two of which we have released as singles!

3. Who’s your top ICON and why?

Ashton Kutcher. I really like that he’s used his fame and the fact people idolize him to do something better for the world. His campaigning for charities and his foundation that works to fight against child molestation is just completely selfless and noble, and something a lot of famous people would never think to do. I really respect that guy, I like the fact he sees past the fact he’s “just an actor” and has turned his popularity to fight against something that’s evil and work for a better world.

Listen to their mega debut album below:


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