Plump DJs (Lee Rous and Andy Gardner) are a DJ and producer team from London who are  well known for being the early pioneers of breakbeat and currently run their own label ‘Grand Hotel’.

Plump DJs have diversified in recent years to incorporate new styles and sounds which always brings something fresh to the dance floor.  They are true Originals of Electronic Music!

We recently asked the guys to provide us with an ‘Original Playlist’ which you can listen to HERE.

On this occasion however it’s your opportunity to listen to PLUMP DJS at their energetic best…playing out LIVE behind 4 decks! 

Listen: PLUMP DJS – MINI MIX Live from Manchester


Above Lee wears the CUBBIE SHAWL CARDIGAN in OLIVE NIGHT (Buy Online HERE) with PO300 TAPERED FIT JEANS in RINSE WASH (Buy Online HERE) all by Original Penguin.  

Andy wears our HOODED RATNER JACKET in DAPHNE  (Buy Online HERE) and  DISTRESSED LOGO TSHIRT in RAIN HEATHER (Buy Online HERE) with PO200 SLIM FIT JEANS in MID BLUE WASH (Buy Online HERE) all by Original Penguin. 

As our campaign #BeAnOriginal celebrates true originals in the creative world we asked PLUMP DJS what ‘being an original’ means to them : –

“We have always challenged our discoveries, and questioned what everyone else simply accepts. Originality is allowed to flow naturally from our unique interpretation of the results. You just have to keep changing the game, raising the bar and push the boundaries. Ask questions of yourself and the world around you, as that’s what makes us all human. It is natural to us all, you just have to let your self be original”  PLUMP DJS

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