‘Findaway’ Ft. Alexis Taylor’ is Pollyn’s brand new, reflective, beautiful and an amazing way to bookmark their life as a band. Originally written in 2016 the band had Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor in mind at the songs inception, so they reached out. He loved the track and added his vocals immediately, leaving us with the irresistible vocal harmony on this version sitting proudly as an example of the influence the band held.

Pollyn were nouveau vintage electronica and were celebrated as one of LA’s most hi-fashion electronic acts. Genevieve Artadi’s porcelain vocal, Anthony Cava’s guitars and Adam Jay Weissman’s beat­maker production make for a potent and unforgettable cocktail. Releasing their first EP in 2003, Pollyn originally sampled from old records to bed their iconic vocal with dark analogue synths, dusty beats built with old hip hop drum machines, an ancient Pro Tools set-up and trippy vocal fx.

‘Findaway Ft. Alexis Taylor’ is included on the upcoming anthology ‘Here Lies Pollyn’ 2003-2016 – available from 29th September both digitally with a full album of remixes and in a triple vinyl pack via Music! Music Group.

Watch the video to the tune below!

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