Riding on a cloud of smoke, psychedelic travelers Shadow Band make sounds that move like foggy dreams from fantastical lands. They’re back, showcasing their unique vibes through a frankly mega single. ‘Eagle Unseen’.

Insightful melodies that draw you into the sheer wonderment of their work, their patient but powerful songs set in motion a series of refracting echoes that call forth images of medieval battles, spirits unseen by human eyes, and the gentle, constant pulsing of the universe.

Philadelphia provided the perfect location for the recording of their debut album, the band even took over dilapidated, haunted old mansion in Narberth to get certain sections town to a T. The resultant record exudes a sense of the both the outdoor world and people’s place within it, with ‘Eagle Unseen’ acting as a testament to S.B’s hard work.

Get your ears around their mega single below!

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