She Drew The Gun treated us to their frankly superb debut LP ‘Memories Of The Future‘ at the back end of last month, with the single ‘Poem‘ whipping up a Plugged In Track Of The Week storm!

The album itself draws influence from singer/songwriter Louisa Roach’s own real life experiences. The chugged guitars and laid back percussive tempo glide effortlessly through the blues tinged tunes, encapsulating the listener and fully immersing them into this 11 track beauty.

Their mega single ‘Poem‘ is a superior display of psych-pop perfection. Not often does a track grab hold of you, sit you down and focus your attention directly on the lyrical delivery, but that’s exactly what you get with this one. This 4 mins of Mersey excellence along with the rest of the album, was produced by Liverpool royalty in the form of James Skelly from The Coral, after a meeting between Roach and Skelly in 2015.

With the Glastonbury ‘Emerging Talent’ competition already under their belt, (thus winning a set on the prestigious John Peel Stage) She Grew The Gun are an absolute MUST see this summer.

‘Poem’ takes the Plugged In Track Of The Week title! Watch the video below:

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