Gothenburg-based sir Was, (the musical alias of Joel Wästberg) is gearing up to share his debut album ‘Digging A Tunnel’, which is due out March 10th via City Slang. The Plugged In Track Of The Week aficionados have been giving the new single ‘In The Midst’ some serious attention!

Directed by Fredrik Egerstrand and set in some sort of alternate world, sir Was embarks on quite the adventure for this new video:

sir Was, speaking about the visuals: “I like to get cosy. When being home, just relaxing, I tend to wear really comfortable clothes. It just does you good. It makes you relax and forget about yourself. But this time I made an exception… I wore my clothes in front of the camera. Please enjoy”

Showcasing his spirited take on unorthodox electronica and more than worthy, this unique blend of sir Was wizardry earns the Plugged In Track Of The Week title!

Watch the video below:

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