After a mega return last year, riding the wave of the excellent comeback Rock and Roll Bye Bye EP,  playing a sell-out tour with Ratboy and putting the world to rights with their live session for Annie Mac on Radio 1, Skaters are kicking down the doors again!

This time it’s in the form of their skewed take on pop with anthem level single, ‘In Your Head’. Setting up the release of their sophomore album on March 24th, this 4min 20 sec beauty does it exactly what it says on the tin! 

Based in New York City via LA and Hull, the international partnership of the band brings all sorts of original ideas to the table which is clear to hear on ‘In Your Head’. Take the NYC/CBGB grit and mix it in with the English spit before letting that ferment in some California sun and you’re left with a can of punk-flavoured pop that goes down rather smooth!

Lead Guitarist and founding member Josh Hubbard describes how the video came to be;

“The ethos brought to this new project is similar to that of the DIY ethos… but it’s more inclusive, so we’ve coined it DIWOP2, which his short for ‘Do It With Other People Also’. We reached out on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations were had, relationships forged and collaborations were born….

This here video is the outcome from one of those ‘online’ conversations started on the internet. Hull transplant and very talented DP Josh Moore teamed up with us and took a walk down ‘Whitefriargate’ the UK City of Culture’s newly paved high street, real life, in a real city with real people… you can win them all.”

We can’t wait for their ‘Rock and Roll Bye Bye‘ album to drop in March, in the meantime, ‘In Your Head’ has vibed its way to Track Of The Week status!

Listen in below:

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