With an epic mini-album still bursting our ear drums, Brighton-based trio The Physics House Band are sharing another slice of their avant-garde take on psych-rock with their new single ‘Obidant‘ from the record.

Speaking about the new single, Adam Hutchinson from the band said “Obidant‘ is about taking violent journey into the tumultuous and insane furthest reaches of the mind. The rhythms are all over the place, it’s at breakneck speed, and the violin solo (courtesy of Raven Bush) mixed with the drum freakout is probably the craziest thing we’ve ever written.”

The Physics House Band are Sam Organ (guitar/keys), Adam Hutchison (bass/keys) and Dave  Morgan (drums). The three met at university in Brighton, almost by accident, after the breakup of their previous bands, but the result couldn’t sound further from an accident. The Physics House Band posses a musical prowess way beyond their years, creating avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz to prog to psych to tech-metal to tech-rock, all combined together and executed to perfection.

‘Obitant’ is pure T.P.H.B insanity and will have you headbanging with the best of ‘em! These lads are set to boss venues Europe wide during the rest of this month.

It’s track of the week! Listen below:

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