The Spitfires return with the truly mega new single, ‘On My Mind’,  taken from upcoming second album ‘A Thousand Times‘ (which we’ll be treated to in August). This tune immediately cements itself as a classic pop anthem, a track to unite the faithful following that The Spitfires have generated with their knife-edge honed live shows across the UK and Europe.

It’s easy to compare these lads to the likes of Weller, Marriott, Townshend & Co, but The Spitfires continue to distance themselves further and further from the revival tags and comparisons. Yes, they fuse the best elements of the 60’s and early 90’s into one package, but they’re rightfully a 2016 band, marching towards their place as a colossal new voice for the working class youth of the UK.

On My Mind‘ is a tune set to propel The Spitfires to new heights, giving the unsuspecting public a much needed shake up before the album release. The boys embraced big success with their debut charting at No.6 in both the independent and vinyl charts, with their recent single ‘So Long’ charting at #1 in UK Vinyl Singles Chart. The Spitfires are bang on it at the moment and we can guarantee their new material will be just as impressive.

Rightfully so, ‘On My Mind‘ earns the Plugged In Track Of The Week crown!

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