FLING are connoisseurs of catchy pop, scruffy-chic and beaten up guitars. Armed with a chaotic live show, kaleidoscopic imagination and a strong Bradford tongue, FLING are a band that you’ll either love or hate. Either way, they’ve been having too good a time to notice…until now.

It’s January, it’s cold, it’s raining, you’re back at work and this band sympathises with that. FLING’s latest wonky pop offering ‘Bad Day’ documents those days where you just can’t shake off that feeling and nothing goes your way. The track kicks off with Ennio Morricone-style Western harmonica histrionics before leading into a chorus which is sure to be toying with your brain far beyond that day you’d much rather forget.

Get involved with the brand new FLING offering below:

FLING were our Artist Of The Month back in December and brought a storming live show to our Covent Garden Store and a host of adoring fans! We invited the masters of melody, guitars, fun, parties and of course fashion to play an exclusive live gig for us, partnered with alcohol legends Jägermeister and new music experts, Gigslutz, it was truly an iconic night in Artist Of The Month history.

Relive the event with our round-up video below:

Click HERE to relive FLING’s Artist Of The Month feature in full!

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