Mancunian psych-pop precision as Whyte Horses share ‘Empty Words’!

The track is a seminal collection of stories about love and fear and all that lives between. Told in a timeless fashion, it sounds like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard all at once. A bombastic quasi-Pop opera, the modern-day music aficionado in which Whyte Horses effortlessly pillage traditional song-writing techniques from all around the world and twist them into their own inimitable character.

Their use of sophisticated antiquated arrangements juxtaposed with cutting social commentaries are inspired by everything and anything around them, everything is fair game.

‘Empty Words’ follows Whyte Horses’ debut album ‘Pop or Not’ (CRC Records, 2016), an album which resonated with fellow musicians – “A great album” (Noel Gallagher). It doesn’t get much better than that!

More than worthy, ‘Empty Words’ is wearing the Track Of The Week title with pride!

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