Women's Tennis & Padel Clothing

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In order to be the best from your very first serve through to the final point, you need to dress and feel your best. All Original Penguin women’s tennis and padel clothing is made from high-quality performance fabrics, so you can stay cool and comfortable whenever you pick up your racket. Whether you’re playing professionally or staying on form at the weekends, Original Penguin’s edit of tennis and padel clothing will have you covered. From shorts and skorts to dresses and tees - always featuring the iconic Pete the Penguin - dress to feel comfortable and you’ll always perform at your best.

Own the court and come out on top in Original Penguin gear.

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How To Dress For Tennis

Where you are playing, the weather, and your skill level will dictate what you wear. If you’re heading to a regular practice session, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable skort or shorts and tee. For something more professional, opt for a sleek and Wimbledon-worthy tennis dress. 

What’s most important with tennis - single or double, practice or pro - is that you feel comfortable. And in Original Penguin gear, we guarantee you’ll be feeling, and playing, your best.

How To Dress For Padel 

Similar to golf and tennis, padel comes with a suggested dress code. All to ensure you can play just as good as you look and feel. That being said, you can create a padel outfit that suits your style, as all Original Penguin pieces are designed to support your swing. For warmer days, opt for a tank top paired with a skirt, or a singlet with leggings if there’s a chill in the air. However you choose to dress, agility, endurance and flexibility are priorities - our women’s padel clothing will have you looking good, feeling better, and playing like a pro.