Men's Golf Polo Shirts

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If there’s one piece that belongs in a putter’s wardrobe, it’s the classic polo shirt. At Original Penguin, we know golf, and our collection of men’s golf polo shirts will ensure you look, feel and play your best. Featuring classic shades such as neutral black, grey and white, to outlandish and bold shades like pink, green, and even patterned, you’re sure to find your perfect fit here. With moisture-wicking and cooling technology, a polo shirt or two in your wardrobe will keep you cool and dry throughout your practice or game.

39 products

What sets Original Penguin’s polos apart?

Original Penguin has become synonymous with the sport of golf. Our golf polo shirts worn by pro golfer, Cameron Smith, because they not only look good, but they feel good and help you play better. Our shirts are made with COOLMAX® Polyester technology, designed to help you beat the heat on the course. The cooling technology of the fibres wicks moisture away from your body, no matter how hot things get out there. The stretch fabric allows for a comfortable fit, and our polos are quick drying, so you never have to wait too long to tee off again.

How to style men’s golf polo shirts

For more formal games, or even dressing properly for a session at the range, a men’s golf polo shirt from Original Penguin can be styled up or down. For your choice of bottoms, pair with shorts for sunny tee-offs, or pants if you need a little wind protection. Don’t forget to take a golfing jumper or jacket with you when you head out.